This book will provide practical tips to guide your career makeover.  Have you ever wondered what happens to your application when you apply to the black hole of online applying?  Have you ever wanted to know how to negotiate a job offer?  Have you ever wondered what the recruiter is looking for on your resume?  Have you ever needed some interview tips that could truly help you when interviewing?  Have you ever wondered why you did not receive a call back after an interview?  Have you ever thought that your resume may not be telling the story you desire?  Have you ever wondered, why you did not get the promotion?  Well, look no further.  All of this, and so much more is captured in this book in order to assist in your career makeover.   I have recruited and interviewed literally hundreds of candidates for all types of positions.  Through this experience, it has exposed me to the tips that I will provide for you in the pages to come.

Tips For a Successful Career Makeover Book

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    Cordova, TN, USA